Chris Heeter

Chris Heeter

Wild (adj.): Having the courage to bring the gift of all of who you are to all of what you do. --Chris Heeter Boring meetings? Disengaged teams? Frantic leadership? Shake it up. The Wild at work approach reminds us that working together doesn’t have to be so complicated. At the end of the day, leadership and teamwork boil down to engaging a wide range of laughable, but dedicated personalities, calling out their strengths, and working effectively together. There’s nothing like hearing a group of bankers or IT professionals—among many others– call out words that come to mind when they are feeling Wild (present, passionate, creative, free, daring, alive), and then diving into how to welcome and greatly benefit from letting that Wild side be present at work. Specialties... Speaking: keynotes, on or off-site training, breakout sessions, retreats/outdoor experiences for teams. Wilderness trips: canoe, hike, sea kayak, and dogsled

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Being Your Wild Self

On this episode, Heidi talks to Chris Heeter about her background working with sled dogs, how the skills she learned can be applied to human interactions, and the expe...

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